Project Description


Wellness Deep Detox in Mantra, Tamil Nadu

Dates: November 11-25, 2022

Mantra Koodam is in Veppathur, Kumbakonam – the town of 200 temples. This retreat offers a deep spiritual dimension to the detox. The property has a small temple and is surrounded by temples representing the nine planets. The strong vibrations and healing energy from these temples enhance the healing properties of the cleansing process.

The Artithirimmu treatments aim to cleanse through the body for the mind. We will work on cleaning physical and emotional impurities, so you leave feeling healthier, fitter, as well as more toned, relaxed and energised.

These two weeks will have a combination of a range of strong, powerful, bespoke treatments, cleansing meals, gentle yoga, meditation and breathing technique sessions.

Cost: from £4000

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