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Student Testimonials

“I first met Sonali in late 2001 and started studying yoga with her as a complete beginner.  Shortly afterwards she moved away from London and I went on to study in a variety of different classes with different teachers in London.  In almost all class settings in the UK that I have attended there is almost always a covert element of competitiveness and pressure to move forward faster than is appropriate.  I often have the sense that for many yoga teachers they are communicating something learned, not something felt and deeply understood.

So after a while I returned to practice with Sonali, and have been doing so as often as I am able over the last six years.  I gradually learned to appreciate and understand that Sonali was teaching me according to the principles of Yama and Niyama – originally I just thought that we were going rather slowly.

Through her I have learned the importance of recognising and learning to work with my own limitations and to work through them towards a greater self knowledge.  I have also had some limited experience of yoga with other teachers in India.  It has helped me to see that Sonali’s approach is in every sense deeper and more authentic than anyone else I have worked with in the UK.  She has taught me so much in terms of technique, perseverance and working with my own limitations in an accepting way that I really feel that yoga practice has subtly altered my life for the better in innumerable ways.”

James, Finance professional

“Within less than a year from the first class I attended, Yoga has become an important part of my life. I was always involved in some form of exercise or sport but I discovered that Yoga goes far beyond the remit of physical exercise. It gives me a deep sense of “well being”, an excellent balance between mind and body.

The physical aspect of the practice offered me improved fitness, strength and awareness of body posture. I find that the physical effort releases the stresses of everyday life and clears the mind. The relaxation and breathing techniques, which go along with Yoga practice, have a deep and lasting beneficial effect.

The guidance of my Teacher has been a decisive factor in this experience being so positive. Always encouraging and supportive, she provided inspiration at the start and perseverance as well as confidence thereafter. As a doctor, I cannot explain in strictly medical terms how Yoga achieves this balance between mind and body. As a student, however, I approached it with an open mind and I am now aware that this ancient art offers something unique.”

Tim, Surgeon

“Sonali has been my yoga teacher for 12 months.  I’ll confess now I  started yoga with some scepticism because I didn’t really feel it was  me.  It was my wife who encouraged me to give it a try, principally to help me deal with the side-effects of a long-standing potentially terminal illness.

Well, all I can say one year on is the difference in how I feel emotionally and physically is nothing short of  extraordinary.  Sonali is the most patient teacher.  She is great at  listening as to how I feel on the day and adapting my regime   accordingly.  She works me hard but I wouldn’t want anything else.   Through her help, expertise, understanding and kindness I feel I am  making real progress.

I am certainly a more relaxed and balanced person than I was 12 months ago; well that’s what my wife and friends tell me.  And those unpleasant physical side-effects seem to be  diminishing.  That may be because they actually are diminishing or it  may be that mentally I am better able to manage and deal with them.   In truth I don’t think about it too much.  I am just grateful that  Sonali’s brand of yoga is clearly making a real difference.”

Jonathan, Entrepreneur

“Sonali has been teaching me yoga privately for the last 4 years.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She practices a mixture of different types of yoga and adapts the yoga specifically to each individual’s needs – often you don’t realise what these are and only at the end of the session do you realise how she has succeeded in identifying exactly what you need.  The sessions always start with a discussion of one’s health and welfare.

Sonali pushes you physically as far as she feels you can go and can be quite demanding at times.  It always pays off.  The headaches I suffer from are fewer and less intense and I find myself much more relaxed and aware of how I breathe.  I often self practice yoga between sessions and she builds on this when I next see her.”

Sophia, Vintner

“Sonali is a truly inspirational yoga teacher. I came to yoga relatively late, and through Sonali’s dedicated and enthusiastic teaching I have found a strength and suppleness in my body that I didn’t know I had.

I have discovered a deep physical, emotional and spiritual source of energy and fulfillment that comes from doing the yoga practice and I have Sonali’s guidance to thank for that.”

Rachel, Psychotherapist

“Sonali has taught me to use yoga as a way of creating a deeper connection with my life-purpose. The physical benefits are great, but the mental and emotional benefits are amazing. I feel lighter, happier and healthier.  She is brilliant, wise and patient.”

Jenny, Business Consultant

“Yoga with Sonali helps to sustain both my physical and mental well being. She is both calm and tough, experienced and encouraging. A haven in a chaotic world.”

Stacy, Mother

“I have been a classical dancer performing and touring for over 20 years. I have been to various physio therapists, yoga teachers, Pilates teachers and masseurs over the years to compliment and support all the intensive dance training and rehearsals. I have finally found a practitioner who can help me strengthen and relax my body during the same session through very precise yoga exercises and supportive massage. This is what every professional dancer needs to not only relax the body and mind but also to improve technique and ability as well as to safe guard the body from injuries. Sonali’s sensitive and sincere approach cannot be recommended enough.”

Mira, Classical Dancer

“I have been a student of Sonali’s for many years now. Sonali’s method looks at the whole person, which for me is very important as I seek to understand life. During our sessions we discuss my issues and then practice postures that are tailored to my needs. Sonali’s support and guidance has been vital to me, especially at the time I was going through the process of having my son diagnosed with autism. It was the yoga path and Sonali that kept me strong to carry on. Sonali is my guiding light.”

Aline, Charity Worker 

“I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful yoga sessions you gave me and our group this month. I had often wondered what it would be like to be taught by you and I found your approach beautiful and unique – just like you! I appreciated the gentleness and the slower pace – something that in our busy lives we forget exists…. And of course one senses straight away that yoga is a way of life for you – you inhale and exhale it! You have given me so much in such a short time – thank you.”

Danae, French Teacher

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