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Who Benefits From Wellness Treatments?

Who Benefits From Wellness Treatments?


-Hormonal imbalances


-Nervous system disorders,

-Depression, joint problems, digestive disorders, insomnia.
-Whiplash, ski, football or rugby.

-Patients recommended for hip and knee replacements could try this programme, before they opt for the operation.


-You have an old injury that is acting up.

-You have noticed that you are getting stiff and your joints are aching.

-You were an athlete and you are now paying the price for all that wear and tear.

-You are hoping to lose some weight and improve your eating habits.

-You have been meaning to stop drinking alcohol but can never find the right moment.

-You want to take a break from alcohol, sugar, caffeine and meat.

-You want to slow down.

-You are recovering from an illness or injury.

-You have been through a difficult experience and need a time out.

-You are run down, used up, spat out.

-Arthritic people

-Overweight people.

-Underweight people.


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“Sonali is very aligned to the needs of her client at the moment. She is a very empathic group leader. When you are in pain, she works magic. She brought (me) out feeling balanced and cleansed.” Ian Millership – Yoga student, Surrey Wellness Plus, Coconut Lagoon

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