Project Description


Dates: Mid February, 2023

These two weeks will have a combination of a range of strong, powerful, bespoke treatments, cleansing meals, gentle yoga, meditation and breathing technique sessions.

The Artithirimmu treatments aim to cleanse through the body for the mind. We will work on cleaning physical and emotional impurities, so you leave feeling healthier, fitter, as well as more toned, relaxed and energised.

Cost: from £4000

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“This experience was unlike anything I had ever done before; it’s beauty has touched my mind, body and soul. The most important element was the role Sonali played. She embodied the gentleness, joy and magic that slowly worked its way into my system during the week. Every detail of the trip was carefully planned with wellness in mind: the resort, the food, the choice of treatments and the outings. The yoga – done in an exquisite pavilion at sundown, overlooking the water and dramatic sunsets – was the highlight of my day. Sonali is a dedicated and inspiring teacher.”

“The Coconut Lagoon is a wondrous collection of bungalows, waterways and paths amidst the palm trees, orchids and waterlilies of the Kerala landscape. It is calm, quiet and utterly relaxing. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, and add to the positive energy that surrounds one.”
“Although the Auyrvedic health practices and the frequent massage treatments were new to me, I soon fell into the hypnotic rhythm of the days and felt totally at peace. The therapists were highly skilled and nurturing in everything they did. When we left real bonds were formed. The results for my skin, body and state of mind were astonishing and enduring.”